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Corporate Overview
As a leading risk consultancy firm, our success has been
based on the philosophy that comprehensive intelligence is
the key to success. We acquire our commercial sector
information through data mining, collaborative networks, and
debriefing.  Marip intelligence capabilities provide unique
insight into competitor plans and intentions, deliberations
and decisions, company procedures, leadership, and
morale. Our commercial counterintelligence capabilties
provide defensive strategies in accordance with the FBI's
Strategic Partnership Program.  
MARIP International LLC (MI LLC) provides
comprehensive business intelligence services support, as
well as risk analysis, commercial intelligence, and global
business development to the public and  private sectors.  

MI LLC's experience reaches across all disciplines of the  
the global business community.  

MI LLC's provides companies with an operational hedge
when conducting international business activities, and
Government entities with exceptional technical and
intelligence personnel.
Marip International LLC
MI LLC leverages private and public sector "best
practice" analytical  methodologies to ensure sound
operational decisions and overseas investment
MI LLC provides private risk assessments to invest in
a fair/safe marketplace
MI LLC's Government Support division provides
technology, technicians, and intelligence personnel for
critical national security positions.
Commercial Intelligence Services
VP for Technology
Tony Petrella
recently made
presentations on
Lake Marip
International LLC's
ISR project
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Marip has
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Analysts in Florida