The Real Business of Security

The latest news headlines are deceiving. Everyone hears all the details when hackers take millions of credit card numbers from a major retail store. But what happens when an overseas entity steals your intellectual property? Will you even know if an employee or vendor infiltrates your operations and removes valuable information?

Marip International LLC represents the most comprehensive business intelligence services support available that is cost-effective, responsive, and personal. For more than twenty years, we have been helping private and public companies assess their risk and offer them business intelligence services to guide them safely through global business development domestically and internationally.

Our experience reaches across all disciplines of the global business intelligence community.  We offer you our technical and intelligence services, and sound advice.

Our experienced analysts and investigators possess the intellectual acumen to make knowledgeable assessments in support of company decision makers.

The direct costs to enterprises from dealing with malware from counterfeit software will hit $114 billion in 2013 and potential losses from data breaches could reach nearly $350 billion.(1) Intellectual property affects 75 of 313 total U.S. industries touching 27.1 million American jobs, or 18.8% of all employment in 2010.(2) Intellectual property accounts for about $5.06 trillion in value or about 34.8% of U.S. GDP.(2)

Protecting and securing your intellectual property while conducting your vital operations can be difficult.  Maybe you’ve been led to think that it is impossible to be prepared for the dangers of our changing world.

Few business managers and owners are trained for the realities of corporate security and those unseen dangers. Of course, day-to-day, you’re busy with your core operations doing what you know how to do best – run your business.

Being prepared means being vigilant, not paranoid.

Running around without a plan, worrying about hackers, thieves and spies is just plain paranoia. All you’ll end up doing is to drive your staff and vendors nuts and wear yourself down.

We’ve spent the last 30 years preparing for the world we live in today. Most of our tactics and methodologies were developed for and by U.S. federal security experts – people who have been on the nation’s front line protecting civilian as well as high level military secrets.

Knowing where to look and what to do is only a fraction of the battle.

We can equip you with the means to keep your intellectual property and other proprietary information out of the hands of competitors, industrial spies, and simple thieves who are out to steal whatever they can.

Marip can prepare you for the most common vulnerabilities. But we can also train you and your staff for emerging threats and other dangers.

It’s challenging enough to get your business to where it is now. Now you can keep building – with a knowledgeable ally who can keep you prepared and protected.

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From recent blog posts by Marip, citing (1) International Data Corporation (IDC): “The Dangerous World of Counterfeit and Pirated Software” (2013) and (2) Bureau of Economic Affairs/U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: “Intellectual Property and the U.S. Economy: Industries in Focus” (2012).