How MARIP Secures Your Interests

Risk can be met in three important ways: Prevent loss through due diligence; Protect assets through direct action, and Pursue violations through legal means.

Who is “MARIP”?

Marip initially stood for MARine Intelligence Professionals, coined when the founding colleagues started working together about 20 years ago. Today, Marip International is made up of experts from all services and government agencies.

What are the services offered by Marip?

We perform in-depth due diligence research and analysis to provide clients with a comprehensive picture of the financial, legal, political, professional, and security ”health” of current or prospective business partners or vendors.

What is Marip’s unique service philosophy?

We address risk in three ways: 1. Prevention – through due diligence, 2. Protection – through vulnerability assessments and ongoing analysis, and 3. Pursuit – through advising and conducting liaison with appropriate law enforcement entities.

What does Marip’s do that’s different in due diligence?

We have access to several proprietary databases and professional contacts to conduct high-level and discreet investigations. Our robust capabilities support financial compliance, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), PEP screening, fraud prevention, and background screening and risk prevention requirements.

Why low-cost background searches on the Internet isn’t good.

We offer enhanced due diligence services, not simple background checks and screening.  If a company says they can do a due diligence check in less than 2 days they are most likely using incomplete, unreliable, and inexpensive data bases, probably sold on a per-product basis. These databases are often incomplete. Some of them rely on court documents which can take months or even years to update.

Does Marip support international investigations?

Marip maintains relationships all over the globe. So our awareness of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and their relationship networks abroad is always current. The focus of our global databases is to ensure that we know about international associations for a given individual – have they ever been involved in any form of money laundering, negative political exposure or illicit activity. We also have relationships that give us “boots on the ground” for quick support when needed.

What about companies that already have existing relationships.  How does Marip assist them?

Our comprehensive counterintelligence support evaluates the client company’s current capability to protect their intellectual property using the methods developed by the FBI Counterintelligence Division Strategic Partnership Program.

What is the FBI Counterintelligence Division Strategic Partnership Program?

The FBI Counterintelligence Division created the Strategic Partnership Program (SPP) to help identify and safeguard vital technologies developed in the United States. The main goal of the program is to to support businesses that have classified U.S. government contracts and prevent technology migration that could threaten national security. People at Marip worked with the SPP and helped develop and deploy various aspects of the program’s safeguards. Marip  can now do the same for all companies that have valuable intellectual property that operate in the private sector.

Who are Marip’s investigators?

Marip only employs former or current federally training intelligence analysts and/or law enforcement officers.  We also have many attorneys on our team that provide unique insight into our investigations.

What government agencies did Marip’s investigator’s support?

All Marip investigators have worked for the CIA, FBI and/or military intelligence and law enforcement entities such as Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and Navy Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).  Unlike many firms All of our investigators have been senior leaders in the US intelligence, law enforcement, or military communities.

Does Marip conduct cyber operations?

Marip supports Cyber operations. We have experience in Cyber counterintelligence and have contacts with high-performance online security firms that can provide cyber and forensic support as needed.

What is Marip’s fee structure?

Marip fees are designed to allow small and medium businesses access to professional due diligence services at a reasonable cost.  Marip’s fees will be determined based on the scope of the due diligence requested by the client.

How are Engagements organized?

Marip uses a task organization approach to due diligence and commercial counterintelligence investigations, matching the client’s needs with the level of support needed to accomplish the mission.  Each engagement is scoped out fully and organized is logical stages prior to implementation, to ensure the client is aware of the tools and methodology used in the investigation.   All of our reports are review by an attorney.

If you have more questions, please contact Marip International.