Prevention through due diligence and deep investigation.

Risk can be met in three important ways: Prevent loss through due diligence; Protect assets through direct action, and Pursue violations through legal means.

When Marip mobilizes to PREVENT loss, we engage in-depth due diligence analysis and research to provide you a comprehensive picture of the financial, legal, political, professional, and security ”health” of current or prospective business partners and/or vendors.

We also deploy our full range of commercial counterintelligence services – focusing on preventing fiscal damage to your company’s viability. We utilize available commercial and proprietary resources to establish a complete “risk assessment” on subjects that are of interest to you.  Whether the subject is an individual or a business, Marip addresses key information that will provide you with critical information so that you can make informed business decisions.  While we focus your specific business concerns, we also analyze any pertinent political and security issues that may affect your strategic planning.

Investigations Beyond the Snapshot View

Normal due diligence processes often miss important associations between businesses and individuals. We use proprietary databases and professional contacts to conduct discreet investigations of potential business contacts such as borrowers, lenders, customers, and investors.  We provide a comprehensive report that covers key information on people and businesses, reveals material associations between businesses and individuals, and illuminates potential risks.

Marip analysts go above and beyond the traditional “snapshot” due diligence. We examine any information that could affect the viability of your business interests.  Our range of intelligence, law enforcement, and legal tools are extensive. Our methodologies will help you build as complete a picture of the subject as possible.  In addition to vital statistics, we can assemble primary and secondary relationships that can give you a clearer understanding of the subject’s areas of interests, business and professional contacts and profile. In short, you are provided a complete review of the subject before entering into a contractual relationship.

When you engage us for due diligence, we investigate all international and domestic projects.  We also have awareness of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and their relationship networks. For clients with global interests, we can apply other financial compliance such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), PEP screening, fraud prevention, government intelligence and other identity authentication, background screening and risk prevention practices.

Our internationally focused databases correlate every known sanction and embargo list from around the globe.

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