Protection through asset conservation and vulnerability assessment.

Risk can be met in three important ways: Prevent loss through due diligence; Protect assets through direct action, and Pursue violations through legal means.

When you bring Marip in for PROTECTION, you gain comprehensive counterintelligence. You gain focus and support that will protect your company, your interests, and your property.

While prevention against outsiders is of prime importance, the danger is often within the company.  The FBI estimates that every year billions of U.S. dollars are lost to foreign and domestic competitors who deliberately target economic intelligence in flourishing U.S. industries and technologies, and who cull intelligence out of shelved technologies by exploiting open source information and company trade secrets.

Foreign competitors generally operate in three ways:

1. They aggressively target and recruit insiders (often from the same national background) working for U.S. companies and research institutions;

2. They conduct economic intelligence through operations like bribery, cyber intrusions, theft, dumpster diving (in search of discarded intellectual property or prototypes), and wiretapping; and

3. They establish seemingly innocent business relationships between foreign companies and U.S. industries to gather economic intelligence, including trade secrets.

We evaluate the company’s current capability to protect their intellectual property using the principles and methods in the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division’s Strategic Partnership Program (SPP).  Our vulnerability assessments provide client decision-makers on ways to enhance their security posture, offering scaled solutions focusing on areas of defined weaknesses.

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