Pursue to mitigate losses and make full recovery.

Risk can be met in three important ways: Prevent loss through due diligence; Protect assets through direct action, and Pursue violations through legal means.

When someone compromises your intellectual property (IP) they threaten your interests, your future and even your very existence in the business world.

Marip can deploy high-level safeguards that can protect your IP, but also give you a strategic and tactical advantage in pursuing and recovering losses.

We have direct and ongoing experience with methods that have proven effective in recovering losses from plagiarism and counterfeiting, piracy and gray marketing, and IP that has been diverted or misappropriated by former business associates, partners, and employees.

Key threats to intellectual property and security:

1. Lack of Training: Security suffers when people within your company do not have the training needed to deploy security measures and policies you may already have in place. Safekeeping of intellectual property requires consistency and continuity. Often times, training of your entire staff is required, but this is a small price to pay in the long run.

2. Lack of Awareness: The greatest losses occur when people are not even aware that they are endangering themselves, their jobs and the security of their organization. Combat lack of awareness among people in your workforce with frequent reminders about the threats your company faces. Make everyone in your company aware that security equals personal well-being and jobs.

3. Careless Disregard: If you think that careless disregard is limited only to the lowest levels in your workforce – think again. Breaches in security often occur at the highest level of management, where people take a lackadaisical approach on security protocols and policies. Many breaches happen for the sake of convenience and expediency.

4. Malicious Act: Among all types of security breaches, the malicious act is less frequent, but far more dramatic and insidious. A malicious act of sabotage or theft comes unexpectedly from places you least expect. In cases such as these, the only recourse is to investigate, collect evidence, and pursue the perpetrators.

The highest-level security protocols and policies are only as good as the weakest link in your organization. The best security is often inadequate to combat determined actors. However, with certain measures you can be better prepared to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law to recover your losses.

When Marip uncovers potential or proven theft of intellectual property we assist the client in mitigating the damage as well as liaising with local and federal law enforcement personnel.  If outside support is needed in specialized areas (such as technical countermeasures – sweeping the firm for technical collection devices), Marip can assist the company in finding qualified companies for the defined task.

Marip uses a task organization approach to due diligence and commercial counterintelligence investigations, matching the client’s needs with the level of support needed to accomplish the mission.  Each engagement is scoped out fully and organized is logical stages prior to implementation, to ensure the client is aware of the tools and methodology used in the investigation.

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