The Real Risks

Can you list the threats that your business faces today? Maybe you thought that the worst threats were the ones from criminals. But who is more likely to be the criminal? Someone you don’t know, or someone you know?

The fact is – you face more threats of fraud, industrial espionage, and outright theft from business partners, affiliates and employees. If you possess valuable intellectual property, you face compound threats from foreign government sponsored industrial espionage and sophisticated commercial criminals. But the worst threat – by far – are the ones you face from people you already know.

Estimated losses to companies like yours from the theft of intellectual property is more than $450 billion a year.

Contact Marip International to help you prevent losses and mitigate existing loss. Our mission is to Observe, be Watchful, and Learn in every situation that requires our business intelligence and security support services and in every instance when a client’s intellectual property is threatened.

Marip International represents the most comprehensive business intelligence and security support services available. We are a cost-effective, responsive, and proactive agent when it comes to our client’s interests and security.

For more than twenty years, we have given companies like yours an operational hedge when conducting business with public, private, Government entities – both domestic and international.

We can help you assess your risk and give you the kind of business intelligence that you need to guide your company safely through global business development in the public and private sectors.

Our experience reaches across all disciplines of the global business intelligence community.  We offer you our technical and intelligence services, and sound advice based on this security philosophy:

PREVENT: Prior to entering into a business relationship with an individual or a company Marip performs a due diligence investigation to gather sufficient information for the client’s senior leaders to make an informed decision on whether or not to go forward with the proposed relationship.  (Learn more…)

PROTECT: We evaluate your current capability to protect your intellectual property using principles and methods developed by the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division’s Strategic Partnership Program.  Our vulnerability assessment will guide you to options that will enhance your security posture and scaled solutions focusing on areas of specific weaknesses. (Learn more…)

PURSUE: When we uncover potential or proven theft of intellectual property we assist you in mitigating damage as well as liaising with local and federal law enforcement personnel for recovery. (Learn more…)

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