Our work is not complete without the contributions of equally professional and dedicated support from our senior advisers and associates. Marip is unique because we bring high-level, high performance counterintelligence talent to every encounter. As a Marip client, you gain access to real people power.

James “Pat” Laflin is our Senior Counterintelligence adviser.  He is one of the most experienced commercial counterintelligence officers in the nation. For over three decades working as a Special Agent of the FBI and as a consultant managing FBI Tampa Division’s Strategic Partnership Program (SPP), Pat has consulted managers and owners of hundreds of companies in the U.S. on how to protect their businesses from domestic and overseas threats.

Eileen J. Roemer is our Senior Profiler.  She a retired FBI Special Agent who sever as a Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI’s Profiling Unit at Quantico, VA.  She also served as senior FBI liaison to the department of Homeland Security, and currently is on the board of trustees for the Former Agents of the FBI Foundation.

David W. Wilde is our Senior Business Development Adviser.  Dave is a retired US Navy Commander and former chief of US Central Command’s counterterrorism branch.  He has worked for IBM and EMC as well as several defense contractors on high technology business development issues.

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